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    Get a slice of heaven today.

    Stop by Triangle J. Farms Inc. for the ripest watermelons in all of Texas!

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A fruit the whole family will enjoy!

For the past 26 years, our skilled farmers at Triangle J. Farms Inc. has been supplying top-quality ripe watermelons to the community of Seminole, Texas. At our farm, we make sure we harvest our watermelons at their peak to bring you perfection in every bite. Bring one home today and enjoy with any meal or simply as a snack!

Sweet and nutritious

Watermelons come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but still contain many important nutrients that you and your body deserve. Each sweet bite is packed with vitamins and minerals to get you feeling good about what you eat. It also is a super hydrating fruit to keep you feeling cool and refreshed all through summer!

Contact | Seminole, TX | Triangle J Farms Inc. | 432-758-5400

Look for us next time you shop!

Our farm is a supplier of ripe watermelons to local supermarkets and vendors all over the area. We strive to bring the highest quality produce to you and the rest of the public to keep you happy and satisfied with our services. Find our name next time you're shopping for produce and enjoy a sweet treat through every drop.

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